Crawling in Pain…

Mostly oldies have this illness called arthritis.  As they grow old, they have this problem in their joints.  As they say it is part of growing old.  And looking at them in pain is really sad.  They have limitations on foods that they eat.  Foods that wont trigger the arthritis to come and visit them.  They are not allowed to eat fatty foods and beans foods.  That is what I do to my father, I have to watch on what kind of food he is eating for him not to suffer the pain.  The problem is oldies are hard headed, they do not like to be told don’t eat this, don’t eat that.  And one of those hard headed is my father.  Irritates me sometimes but I do not exert an effort to say to him do not eat that because my father has an attitude. 

Last to days ago. he attended a party with his girlfriend.  And I told him to avoid those foods that are not safe for him to eat.  But because he is a stubborn father (lol), he ate what he likes and those foods that are tempting.  Yesterday, I saw him in the couch and in pain.  He barely can walk straight because his knee is aching.  So I asked him what is the cause of his pain.  Only to find out that he ate those forbidden foods for him.  And today double the pain, he is crawling.  He can’t walk even a single step.  I was looking at him angry silently.  For if he is in pain, he yells at everybody in the house.  Plus I have to take care of him.  I remind him tonight that, when it is a no it is really a no. This is a good lesson for him not to be stubborn again and always watch the foods he eats.

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