Her Maternity Dress…

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, my sister is three (3) months pregnant.  Because if this, she is gaining more weight and started to buy maternity dress.  She is changing her wardrobe,  from sexy blouses to maternity blouses.  I can see the changes on her body, her 25 waistline is fading.  But she is happy knowing that she has been blessed by God with a little angel inside her womb.  A little angel that would bring the smiles and happiness in her married life.  A baby will complete the family she dreamed of.

Today, I am very excited for she wants me to go with her buying maternity dress.  I so want to pick those dresses for her.  Before I used to be the judge when she is going to buy dress, top and pants for her.  Even she said I am the worse judge, still she wants my opinion.  It took us more time picking for she it find it hard to pick what she really wants.  Its kinds funny for while she is picking, she is murmuring that why is it maternity dress is so expensive.  I smiled looking at her picking and murmuring.  As I am the judge I have waited for her to finally pick.  For she cannot pick what she really wants, I have decided to pick something for her.  And I am glad she likes it, and she went to fitting room.  After a few minutes, she went out and said lets go to the counter.  I am so happy that she likes what I am picking for her. We ended our day at mall eating.  And that is the most important thing to do.  As a judge I deserve some treat.hahaha

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