Learn bad words from her friend…

A child always observe things that is happening around them.  They think that what they say and hear is right.  That is why we oldies needs to guide them and teach them.  Telling them what is right and what is wrong.  But no matter how careful we are to not said bad words in front of them, they can get it from outside.  Some people do not care what they say, whether there are kids watching and might hear what they say. 

Everyday, I always let my nieces play outside with their friends right after school.  I let them enjoy for them to relax and have fun from stressful day at school.  And calling them after two hours to go home and start study their lessons.  But today I was shocked to hear them talking bad words.  Its like my blood goes up to my head.  I asked them where did they get it, I was so angry.  They are not talking makes me more angry to the point of slapping their mouth.  I do not like them saying those kind of words in front of them.  I felt so sorry for them for I was carried away by my emotion.  After I calm down, I took to them and make them understand why I did it.  I explained to them what kind of words they learned outside and say sorry to them.  I made them promise not do it again.  Hopefully they understand my explanation and made them realize that not all they heard and see is right.

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