Amazing woman of today…

Before when we talk about body building the first that comes into our mind is guys.  Guys that are into keeping their body shape.  Body that most guys are dreaming of.  The kind of body with eight packs as they say. Some girls do like that but to me I don’t.  I am a little scary looking at them. Funny but it is true, scared that they will throw me outside planet  It is very nice to look at them when they are fully dressed because of their body physic.  Some are doing it to compete and also as their profession.

But in this modern world wherein there is girl power what man can do, woman now also can do.  Nowadays body building is for man and woman.  Women are very competitive now.  They have the same body built a man has.  It is really amazed me looking at those girls/woman who are into body building.  Although it is shocking to see women that is into body building, it amazed me with the courage and the power they have to have this kid of body.  With all the sacrifices and training, they are really the woman that has a determination to get what they want and flaunt it to the world.  Though I am not into this kind of field, I am proud to say that woman of today is very competitive.  So watch out guys because women do rocks!

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