Sick and Tired…

Yesterday I went to mall to meet and old friends.  Its been years that we have not seen one another.  The last time we saw one another when we graduated from high school.  After years of thinking their whereabouts, we got communicated again through  Technology helps us bring back those memories when we are still young.

It is a good feeling to know that they are married, have their own family and kids.  Most of my friends are married and have kids.  As usual they are asking why I am still single.  Question that I even asked to myself.  I am not angry or upset, just that I am sick and tired of answering the same question each day of my life.  From my neighbors, new friends, relatives and now from old friends.  Its like they are bothered that I am still single.  Although I am a little angry of their question, I did not show to them that I am.  I still smile because I am happy to see them after long years.  We did have the fun and many talking and my day is worth it.  I try to change the topic from me to their life.  I just told them, do not worry for when I am getting married they are not

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