She thought she found a candy

My nieces are very playful kids.  They love to play a lot and since I did not allow them to play outside the house, they stay in the room playing.  They make the house messy but it is okay at least I know they are safe.  They were playing hide and sick while I am busy in front of the computer.  Ella is looking for a place where she could hide while her sister is counting from one to ten.   Ella hide under the bed.

Suddenly they are so silent.  The noisy room was so quiet.  I was wondering what they are doing and so I leave my computer and went to the room.  They were surprised when they saw me.  And then Ella told me; she found candy under the bedroom.  I immediately grabbed the so-called candy on her hand.  I was surprised after seeing it because it is a condom with strawberry flavor.  I laughed secretly thinking what if I did not came in what they will going to do with

Whoever is the owner of it, I have to make an investigation to know the owner and tell the owner to be careful next time because dangerous to kids.  A lesson learns to all adults to be careful and be responsible to their things.

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  1. by Hyanne, on April 29 2011 @ 6:32 am


    Haha, baka sa kapatid mo sis. Mabuti hindi ginawang lobo..hehe, pasaway!

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