The family finances me to put up a little store attached to our house.  My father told me to manage it since I have finished a four years business related course.  I am so happy because this is an opportunity for me to put into practice what I have learned from the course that I take.  The business that the family puts up is like a little grocery store that will cater people living in the village and nearby.  It was okay at first and I am confident that the business will be profitable.  I did not expect that months later there are little stores has been put up.  And because of those competitors, the store runs very slowly.  I was caught unaware and with s blink of an eye the store will be suffering from bankruptcy.

The sadness that the family felt was double the sadness I felt.  Though the family is not blaming me, I felt guilty because they have given me trust and support but I failed them.  It was like a nightmare to me seeing the store is slowly dying and I do not know what to do.  I regret that I am over confident that I will make the business profitable.  I should have hire cary bankruptcy attorney the first time I started the business.  So that when bankruptcy occurs, I am prepare and ready on what would be the best thing to do to surpass bankruptcy.  I am planning to put up another business and this time I will hire attorney for bankruptcy to help me when this problem occurs.

In behalf of Cary bankruptcy attorneys, I am participating in this blogger campaign and was compensated.  The views and opinions is 100% mine.

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  1. by sie, on August 10 2011 @ 8:11 am


    I am also a graduate of business management Genny and have been a bank teller for 5 family also owns a business before and honestly we can’t predict the changes that it will bring..competition is a normal thing in a business and maybe the best thing to do is find ways to compete with marketing strategies in getting your own valued customers plus discounts or do a study on your costumers wants and is risky talaga but when you get the right moves it is really profitable..

    good luck Genny and always have a positive outlook in life no matter how hard the situation may will surely goes on and we will not always have our lows..soon our ups will come ok 🙂

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