Back to Normal

I ma having some problem in opening my blogs that is why I am not able to update it.   Good thing is that I have enough patience till it will fixed by the one hosting my blogs.   I am shy to bug my host of what is happening that is why I waited patiently.  I did asked her more than twice and stopped after she told me she is trying to fixed it.   After days of not in order, I can now open and blogs and I can say that it is back to normal.  I do not need to refresh it many times to open my blog site.  Thanks to her because my blogs are back to normal now and I can do my update without refreshing it.   And also I am glad that the paid article is finally posted after trying several times of refreshing it because it always says no server connection.  I was worried about it, but thank God it published finally before the expiry date.

I hope this is back for better server and long lasting.  Thanks Madam…you know who you are…God bless you more.!.

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  1. by Mona, on September 2 2011 @ 2:26 pm


    for sure hindi ako hehhe … Anyway, its good that your blog is back to normal =)

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