Turning it On and Off

I am at the hospital right now accompanying my sister and her family.  Her son will undergoes operation tomorrow.  My sister is nervous that is why I am here to comfort her and give my support.  I know what she is feeling right now and I am trying my best to make her worries go away.  I am worried too but I am not showing it to my sister because it will double her worries.

Oh well, the room we are in is so cold because of the air conditioned.  I am not used to air conditioned that makes the situation worse.  The room has the two bed because it is semi-private.  Unfortunately we are occupying the bed nears the a/c.   I turned off the a/c for a while because I am chilling and my body is shaking because of too much cold.  The other patient noticed that the a/c is not cold anymore, she turns it on.  And when it gets very cold I turn it off.  So, we are like playing here.  Turning on and off the a/c.  I hope I will be able to sleep straight tonight in this very cold room.  Good luck to me.lol

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