Pagerank at Last

It has been a while that this blog of mine is longing for pagerank.  I have worked so hard to make this blog known, gain visitors and readers and gain a good traffic for this blog.  It was middle this year when Mr. G is updating pagerank.  I am so happy because four of my blogs got pagerank, but a bit sad because this blog remains at pagerank 0.  Getting pagerank 0 does not stop me from updating this blog and make this blog more appealing to visitors.  Instead I double time in updating this blog and writing post the best that I could.

Just recently, Mr. G updated again pagerank and I am so happy to see that this blog got pagerank 1.  My working so hard was a success because my blog is being noticed by Mr. G.  My time, effort and patience were worth it after seeing the shining pagerank 1 in my sidebar.  Thank you very much Mr. G for the recognition and for giving this blog a rank.  I want to share this recognition to all my visitors, readers and friends who constantly giving their time to read and for leaving comments in my post.  Mochas Gracias!

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  1. by sie, on November 12 2011 @ 8:03 pm


    congratulations Genny..sipag lang yan and being loyal to our commentators and it goes with the right group of readers too 😉

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