Having my midnight snack

I have lots of stuffs to finished online.  This only means one thing, I have to stay up late tonight.  I am used to it though, but I think today I need to sleep early for me to not feel tired for tomorrow’s recognition day where the nieces enrolled.  Midnight is one of the dangerous hours I think because this is the time that my stomach feels hungry and it craving for foods.  Just right now, I am craving for burger.  Perfect because my father brought a hamburger this evening when he arrives from the city.  I am happy thinking that I will be having hamburger for my midnight snack.

I do not have to crave for something because I already have hamburger for midnight.  Gosh! ruined my diet again.  I really find it hard to control eating because I cannot stand the feeling of an empty stomach.  I am done eating my midnight snack.  I am now back to my writing mood.  I wish I will finished this all.  It is not easy though but I will give my 100% to do this because I won’t be on for tomorrow.


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  1. by Pinx, on March 28 2012 @ 11:07 pm


    hahahaha! patay! unsaon na lang ang diet! ako gen, i lost two kilos already! salamat sa mga problema, wala jud koy gana mokaon for the past two weeks! walay diet2x. hehehe.

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