Fingers are aching

I have lots of writings to do and my fingers are aching.  arghs!  Well, this is my fault because I ate beans.  I do not know if this is really true, but I have an arthritis and every time I ate beans, its aching.  Before it was my knee aching, lately my fingers.  The part of the body that I need to take part very badly because of the loads of writings to finish.  No pressure though but I am hoping to hit the cut off day on Monday.   I am taking my time, typing and resting to relax my finger a bit then back to work.  I felt so sorry for my fingers but I really need your service.  I am half way there, so please bare with me.

I promised to avoid eating beads because it is me who suffers the pain.  I do not drink medicine because I do not want to be dependent on it.  I just wait till the pain is gone anyways, the pain is bearable.  I just drink vitamins and foods with lots of calcium because I think I really need it.  Hopefully this pain will go away tomorrow so that I can finished writing before the cut offs.  I hope I can do it.  Good luck to me!

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