Thinking of pursuing it

It’s been a while since I decided to stop learning how to play guitar.  I just lost the energy and motivation to continue doing it.  Maybe because I do not get the right strumming of strings.  I don’t even understand the sounds of the guitar I played.  There is something wrong with my strumming and the positioning of my fingers.  I know it takes some time and patience to be able to get it right and that I do not have at that time.

Just recently, I heard my brother playing his guitar.  Listening to him brings back the memory when I am practicing how to play guitar.  The eagerness in me to learn is still there and I wanted to pursue it this time.  I think I need to have more patience, determination, willingness and of course nice guitar to make me inspire me.  haha!  If I have a nice guitar to play, I guess I’ll be more inspired to practice on how to play guitar. Since I do not have guitar yet, I thought of visiting the Zvex Fuzz Factory guitar center. I am pretty sure that I will find the guitar of my choice and the guitar the fits to my personality and me being a woman.

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