Thank God it’s Friday

Everyday I never forget to thank God for the gift of life.  I thank God for giving me strength to be able to do my duties at home.  Lately, I felt really tired maybe because I am not getting any younger.  The kids are growing and very much busy making a mess that makes me so tired.  Again, I am not complaining.  This is just my way of releasing stress.  Since I do not share these things to my sister.  Writing is my outlet to make me feel at ease.  It is very helpful that through writing I am able to release what I felt inside.  It does help me a lot.

Anyways, I am really thankful today that it is Friday.  I have waited for this week to end so I can relax and rest.  I do not have to watch the kids because their mother do not have work on weekend.  I am done with my laundry the other day, so tomorrow I have all the time to rest.  I will wake up late like I used to do before.  The house would be at peace in the morning tomorrow.  Thank you God it’s Friday and thank you for the blessed weekend.

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