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She is living her dream

Back when I was in college, our group feasibility study and the business plan we presented is a bakery business.  To us, it is the perfect business to put up to business we Filipinos loves to eat bread.  It is one of the profitable and good business to put up.  It was our goal in finishing the business related course we took, to have our own business in the future.  It is not easy because it needs a huge capital to start the business, but who knows it will come true in the near future.  We are crossing our fingers though.

When I graduated, my friends proceed to master’s course, and some landed into office works in a company.  Our communication continues and we are still talking about the business plan back in college.  For me, it will take some time in pursuing it for financial reasons.  Just recently, a friend of mine who is the leader of our group in college put up her own business and it is a bakery business.  She has just started it and doing well.  I am so happy for her because she is living her dream and pursuing our business plan.  I envy her because she is living her dream but so happy for her.  I hope that I can do that too.  How?  I do not know yet for I do not have the capital needed.  Hopefully one day with God’s will.

It is better to hear the truth first

One of the thing that ruins the relationships is gossips because it causes misunderstanding to people.  It is proven because I have experienced that.  In my case, it was a simple misunderstanding, I did not dwell on it hoping that it will die naturally.  However, my cousin started gossiping about me and her.  And as expected, I am the bad one.  I felt sad and want to fight back, but decided to ignore it because I know what is the truth.  It did ruin our relationship as cousins, though we are okay now because we have talked about it after six long years of avoiding the misunderstanding, the scar is still there.  Our relationship is not as close as before.

I am sharing my experience because of the friend who is asking my advice about gossips issue.  She is not in good terms with her husband’s aunt because of bad gossips.  Their misunderstanding started through gossips.  She is not confronting the aunt personally to clear things up.  She is angry as well as the aunt.  I shared to hear my experience.  I told her to talk to the aunt, clear things up before it will worsen the situation.  Do not ignore it for it will last long like what happened to me.  Told her to better hear the truth from the aunt before overreacting for it will not help the situation at all.  I hope my advice works and will help her solve the misunderstanding with her husband’s aunt.

Well rested for the long weekend

I have wished to have more time to sleep, rest and relax even for just a day.  I really feel the need to have time to just lay down and doing nothing.  I must admit I get so tired taking care of the kids, sending and fetching the nephews at school and at the same time babysitting my nine months old nephew.  It is not an easy job, and I do not complain at all because I love being with them and they are family.  Just that sometimes I feel exhausted.  We do feel that at times, right?   And I am glad that my wish granted.

Yes, my wish granted because of the long weekend break due to Kadayawan festival.  I have four days to relax, sleep more and wake up late.  I am so glad because I feel refresh and savoring this long weekend.  I do help my older sister watching the kids, but most of the time I rest and sleep.  Today is the last day of my long weekend break.  Tomorrow is another day of busy day.  I took the chance to update my blogs.  I really felt guilty for not updating my blogs for days.  I promised to update it regularly but failed to do so.  Thanks to this long weekend, I able to clean my room, update my blogs, and most importantly I rested well, and have enough sleep.

Congratulations and best wishes

Last Sunday, I was invited to the wedding of my friend.  I am happy because I will get to see her and our other friends.  It has been four months since the last time we see each other.  Though we communicate each other regularly through social media or sending the message on phone.  But still, it is best to see each other, talking and laughing.  When we are together we laugh a lot.  The thing that I missed a lot.  It was an abrupt invitation, luckily, we are all free on that day.  We do not want to miss this once in a lifetime moment of our friend.

The reception is at the house of the newlyweds.  It was a simple celebration, the typical celebration in the province and it is nice.  Indeed, simple wedding is very comfortable it is like you are in your home.  And memorable because of the guests and visitors who came to celebrate with the couple.  It was an abrupt wedding and time is limited but in all fairness, it went well.  After the wedding, they will proceed with their application for Japan.  That is why they plan the wedding in a short time.  Hopefully, their plans will fall into places and their plans to go and work in Japan will come true soon.  Again, congratulations and best wishes to my friend and her husband.