Just like her father

The nine years old niece loves to play the guitar of his father. She was told many times not to touch it because it is not a toy, still she did not listen. When her father off for work, she would hurriedly get the guitar of his father and start strumming the strings. If you are to look at her, you would probably say that she really wants to learn how to play it. I can’t blame her because she is just like her father. If she really into it, I would like her to be part of the school rondalla so she can fulfill her dreams. If she would, I will like her to play the soprano ukulele from guitar center. It fits to her well, also to be distinct from her father. It would be great to listen when she and her father plays their instruments together. As usual I will be their vocalist.lol

Happy memories to remember

The brother and his wife encounter bumps in their life.  They have been married for eight months already.  They have settled the bumps/problems that they have met and manage it well.  However, the problem that they are facing right now shatters their marriage life.  The brother’s wife left him and their three months old son for other man.  I felt sorry for him because the woman she loves the most and his everything left him suddenly.  We do not know how he is doing because they live far from us.  He called me and asked me if I could fetch them.  I feel his pain so the older brother and I went to their place to fetch them.

The five days that they stayed with us is one of the memorable moments in the family.  The three months old nephew is so cute, bubbly and loves to smile a lot.  We love the nephew very much because he gives happiness to the family even in for short time.  Now the mother came back and the brother forgives and accept him, they are not living with us.  We missed the nephew a lot.  I always remember the days when he is with us.  He wakes me up early and makes me sleep very late.  It was worth it though because the nephew is an angel.  The five days of staying with us is a happy memory to remember.

Get coupon codes now


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Watching him practicing how to write

 photo GEDC0123_zps60a0b814.jpgWe have taught the five years old nephew to write his name on the paper.  We want him to be ready when he started to attend his class.  He is officially enrolled in kindergarten this upcoming 2014-2015 school year.  He knows how to count from 1 to 10 and already knows the alphabet.   The problem is he can’t recognize the letter on his own.  We are still teaching him to recognize numbers and letters.  Right now, we are teaching him to write his name.  I write his name on the paper and then he will copy it.  He is having difficulty in handling the pencil but eventually he will get used to it.

He was very excited when my sister told him that he will start attending a class soon.  He is enrolled in the school where his sisters are.  He is very happy and said he will practice more writing his name.  We told him that he should know how to write his name so that his teacher will be happy.  I took some photo of him one morning while he is practicing on writing his name together with his three years old cousin.  Aren’t they cute?  I really hope that they will do well in school and will be a good student.  Good luck to him.