The place to be

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Thanks for the help

I am thinking of what to share here.  I look back of the events that happens to me last year, December of last year to be exact.  I thought of things that I need to be thankful for and finally decided what to write and whom to thank.  Last Christmas (December 25, 2015), the girlfriend of my older brother came to celebrate with us.  It was a surprised for us and we are happy that she choose to celebrate Christmas with us.  She is very nice woman and friendly.  She is easy to go along with.  She is not the type that will stay in the corner and will not talk.

Anyways, I want to thank the girlfriend of my brother and hopefully soon to be wife, for paying a visit last Christmas.  For making my brother happy.  I also thank her for helping me cleaning the kitchen, helping me preparing the foods for the nephew’s birthday (Christmas day is the nephew’s birthday, by the way).  I really appreciate it and your coming is really a big help.  You really have a big heart.  Thanks for loving my brother and I pray that your relationship will last longer and that you will end up being together forever.  Hopefully, you will be part of the family.  Hope sooner because I am really excited.*wink

Her 11th Birthday

My niece Ella turns 11 yesterday.  The family did have a simple celebration at home.  We did not invite friends and relatives because it is only dinner with the family, but the celebrant invites her best friend, our neighbor.  We allowed her since it is her day, and celebrating her day with her close friends makes her day extra special.  My father bought the birthday cake for his granddaughter as his gift, my sister gift some too to cook her favorite viand, and I since I do not have money I just rendered my cooking skills.  Well, they still love my cooking.  I am glad I have this kind of talent.

Even if the celebration is so simple, still it is memorable if you celebrate it with your family.  That is what I see on my niece face yesterday.  Anyways, on her special day I wish the niece the best of life, good health, grow up a better and responsible person, excel in her studies, and happiness in life.  I hope that she will be prayerful and always a good and respectful daughter to her parents.   I thank the Lord God for her life and for always guide her.  Lastly, I pray that the niece will have an awesome and wonderful in her life’s journey.

My Birth Month

If there is one thing that I want to change it my life, it probably be my birthday.  It seems like I aged very fast.  After the new year celebration, and the first month of the year sets in, another year added to my age.haha  You know I am just kidding, right?  But if given a chance I want my birthday to be in the middle of the year.LOL  Kidding aside, this month is my birth month.  And I am so thankful to God for giving me another year of my wonderful life.  Thank you God for the give of life.  And I thank my parents for giving me life.

Yes, I am older and still single.  To let the people know they will stop asking if I am married or not.  I am single and happy with my life.  Though there are times that I want to feel love by someone special, but unfortunately he is nowhere to be found.haha  I am still waiting till God finished wrapping him up for me.  I pray that God will send that someone to be this year.  However, those longings are filled up with my family.  I am so blessed to have loving and complete family.  They are my life.  They add wonderful story in my life’s journey.  Thank you again for the gift of life and family.  I wish myself all the happiness in life and better life in my online career.  AMEN!