It is fun of window shopping online

My brother is planning to buy an equalizer.  He told me to look for a certain brand but I have not found one in the four stores I have visited.  It is really difficult to find the things which I do not know how it looks  It is really tiring going to one store to another.  I decided to look for an equalizer online.  I am sure I will find the one I am looking for, plus it is less tiring.  While browsing for an equalizer online, I saw lots of interesting musical instruments, gadgets, bose power supply, mobile phones, home decors, and many others.  It is really fun doing window shopping online.  No sweat and less tiring.  I haven’t tried shopping online yet, I might try one of these days.

Thank you once again!

The sewing of the kids costumes for their recognition presentation won’t be possible without the kind heart of my neighbor.  I know this is a bit late post because I borrowed the sewing machine for like three weeks now and done sewing already.  It’s just that I got busy with other stuffs offline and I haven’t found time yet to sit down and write something on my blogs. Through this post I want to extend my warmest thank you to my neighbor who lend me her sewing machine.  Big thank you for entrusting me your sewing machine.  Though we don’t talk much, I really appreciate your trust in me. It was really a big help because I am able to sew the kids costumes.  Also, I earned some from sewing other kids costumes.

In case you wonder about the title, I said once again because this is the second time that I am borrowing her sewing machine.  The first time was like four months ago, when I sewed costumes for my nephew and nieces for their book parade at school.  I am really thankful for the trust you have in me.  These words are not enough of how thankful I am of you.  May God bless your and your kind heart.  Once again, thank you!

Thank you Lord for the skill

When I was little, I used to watched my late mother sewing dresses for me, my sister and brothers.  Sewing is one of my mother’s skills I must say.  Because I always look at my mother, I grew up drawing dresses on paper and cut it after.  I remember when my friend and I are playing paper doll, I am make my own doll and dresses for my doll because I do not have money to buy paper doll and dresses.  I envy them because their mother gives them money.  But I am thankful then because I develop my skill in making dresses.  I grew up dreaming to be a fashion designer someday.

 photo costumes_zpswa5j5bhq.png

My dream to become a fashion designer remains a dream because taking the course is very costly.  And my father can’t afford it.  Though I did not able to study the course that I wanted, I am still happy because I got the chance to sew dresses for my nephew and nieces costumes for book parade.  It was a dream come true to sew and make a dress.  Though I do not have any experience in sewing dresses at all, the experienced of watching my mother before is my only inspiration.  I really thought the costumes I made for the nephew and nieces are the first and the last one, but then I was wrong because just recently, I sewed another costumes for the nephew and his classmates for their school presentation.  I am really happy because I will be able to practice more.  The image above are the costumes that I sewed.  I thank God for the skills and my late mother for being my inspiration.  I hope that I will be able to pursue my dreams in making dresses or even be a dressmaker in the future.

It took me some time to find the nice razor

Every time my father needs to buy something, I am the one who buy it for him like t-shirt, pants, shorts, undergarments, soap, and the likes. I must say I know what my father sizes, likes, and he wants. I am like his personal secretary. One incident that I cannot forget was when I bought razor for him. It took me some time to find a good one and he doesn’t like it. Said, that the one I bought is not a good quality. If I have known the edwin jagger razors back then, I would have buy a good quality of razor. Well, it was my first time so it is fine. But the next time I will buy razor for my father, I know now what to buy. The kind that my father would surely like.