The brother’s 34th Birthday

Birthdays are one of the happiest days of everyone’s life.  It happens once a year that is why celebrants want to celebrate their special day with the family, friends, relatives and some invited guests.  They make sure that their day is memorable and enjoyable.  Some preferred to celebrate it simple with their family like dinner in the restaurant, beach or at their home.  Our family, usually have the birthday celebration at home and we want it simple.  The celebrant will go to church, attend a mass and light a candle.  It is our way of saying thank you to God for another year of life.

 Last September 2, 2017, was the 34th birthday of the youngest brother.  They live very far from us.  And we are glad that he chooses to celebrate his special day with us, especially my father who misses his youngest child.  It was a simple celebration as usual, but another memorable memory for him and the family because he celebrates it with us.  It shows that the brother loves and like to spend his special day with us together with his son and wife.  Just a bit sad because older brother was not able to come.  He is so tired from work and opted to rest than to travel.  And we do understand him.  Also, the brother invited some of his closest friends since high school.  I must say that he was so happy that day.  Happy birthday to my brother and I wish him all the best in life.

It is better to hear the truth first

One of the thing that ruins the relationships is gossips because it causes misunderstanding to people.  It is proven because I have experienced that.  In my case, it was a simple misunderstanding, I did not dwell on it hoping that it will die naturally.  However, my cousin started gossiping about me and her.  And as expected, I am the bad one.  I felt sad and want to fight back, but decided to ignore it because I know what is the truth.  It did ruin our relationship as cousins, though we are okay now because we have talked about it after six long years of avoiding the misunderstanding, the scar is still there.  Our relationship is not as close as before.

I am sharing my experience because of the friend who is asking my advice about gossips issue.  She is not in good terms with her husband’s aunt because of bad gossips.  Their misunderstanding started through gossips.  She is not confronting the aunt personally to clear things up.  She is angry as well as the aunt.  I shared to hear my experience.  I told her to talk to the aunt, clear things up before it will worsen the situation.  Do not ignore it for it will last long like what happened to me.  Told her to better hear the truth from the aunt before overreacting for it will not help the situation at all.  I hope my advice works and will help her solve the misunderstanding with her husband’s aunt.

Well rested for the long weekend

I have wished to have more time to sleep, rest and relax even for just a day.  I really feel the need to have time to just lay down and doing nothing.  I must admit I get so tired taking care of the kids, sending and fetching the nephews at school and at the same time babysitting my nine months old nephew.  It is not an easy job, and I do not complain at all because I love being with them and they are family.  Just that sometimes I feel exhausted.  We do feel that at times, right?   And I am glad that my wish granted.

Yes, my wish granted because of the long weekend break due to Kadayawan festival.  I have four days to relax, sleep more and wake up late.  I am so glad because I feel refresh and savoring this long weekend.  I do help my older sister watching the kids, but most of the time I rest and sleep.  Today is the last day of my long weekend break.  Tomorrow is another day of busy day.  I took the chance to update my blogs.  I really felt guilty for not updating my blogs for days.  I promised to update it regularly but failed to do so.  Thanks to this long weekend, I able to clean my room, update my blogs, and most importantly I rested well, and have enough sleep.

Teaching her how to do the laundry

I have started teaching them doing the household chores when they are nine and ten years old.  Because I want them to become a responsible human being at the early age.  The same thing my late mother told us when we are young.  I felt sad before because I felt I am depriving of being a child, but looking at of what I am now, I am forever thankful to my mother.  May she rest peacefully.  I have taught them doing the dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning clutter and cooking rice.  So far, they are doing well of the chores assigned to them.  Though I still need to supervise them to avoid mistakes and for them to finish the task/s fast.

Their parents are both working and do not have time to teach their kids.  As I am their aunt, I will do the teaching on their behalf.  The nieces are now ages 12 and 14, right ages for them to know how to do the laundry.  I started teaching them last week.  I must show to them from segregating clothes, and so on.  And yes, the girls are complaining, saying it is so tiring plus the loaded of dirty clothes.LOL!  I understand them because I did the same when I was taught on doing the laundry.  We are on our two weeks of laundry lesson, and I am hearing fewer complaints now.  Thank God!  Hopefully, on our third week, they can do it on their own.  Good luck girls.