Expecting another angel

It is my sister’s wish to have another baby, baby girl to be exact.  She has two sons already and she thought of having a baby girl, the princess in the family since she is the queen.  I also told her to have a baby girl because it would be nice to have baby girl in the family.  Because she really wanted to have a baby girl, she consulted an obegyne to ask for a way on how to make a baby girl.  I find it funny but I hope that it will work out because I want her to have a baby girl.

After months of trying, the sister is finally pregnant on their third baby.  A blessing from up above.  I am so happy for her.  She is claiming it is a baby girl this time.  Yes, we are claiming it.  The little angel it two months old already.  I am so excited for her.  I really missed having a baby at home.  Now I understand why the sister is nagging at me lately, it seems like she always wakes up in the wrong side of the bed.  When she told me last week that she is expecting their third angel, I am so happy.  I pray that the little angel is a girl.  Hopefully she can use the name of the baby girl that she is preparing since her first born.

His beloved guitar

He was the happiest man on earth when he finally bought his electric guitar.  He has been wanting to have one since high school but only pushed through when he got a job.  However, due to his busy schedule at work, he seldom play with it.  One Sunday morning, the brother thought of checking his favorite instrument that is hanging on the corner.  He found out that the gold guitar knobs are fading and falling.  Well, it has been years since he bought his guitar.  It is time to buy replacement to make his guitar as good as new.

Finished with honors

Yesterday was the recognition day of my nephew.  The day that we all are waiting for especially his parents.  His teacher told me that the nephew has an award.  The nephew’s parents took a day off to be with him on his recognition day.  I must say they are proud parents.  The nephew finished with honors plus four (4) more merits for doing well at school.  I am so proud of the nephew because I did not expect that he really did well.  Well, he has good scores in every examinations but not expecting that he is good in class participation too.

I will like to extend my congratulations to my nephew for the job well done.  Long way to go and I am sure that you have a bright future.  Keep up the good works and continue doing well at school.  Next school year will be another challenge for you.  I pray that you really pass the entrance examination in the new school that you mother wanted you to study.  Anyways, because of the awards that the nephew got, his mother bought him new toys as a reward.  And he is the happiest kid I have ever seen on that day seeing the gifts he got from his mom.  Again, Congratulations nephew!

Hopefully one day

One item in my wish list is to experience snow and visit the Disneyland.  It would be a dream come true when these two comes into reality.  How?  I do not know yet.  But my hope and pray that one day I will have a short vacation to see snow and Disneyland.  If this day comes, I will buy my stuffs at CozyWinters to keep me warm always.  For my vacation to be enjoyable and more fun because I will for sure will not feel the cold weather.