Fruits every meal time

Even though I have heard that eating fruits every meal time is good because it is rich in fiber for better metabolism. Fiber is good in our body to dispose the possible fats that will restore and already restored in our body.  I am not into fruits that much, maybe because I was not orient well to eat fruits every meal time back then.  Well, I am told by my late mother before that fruits are good in our body that is why she planted fruit trees in our backyard.  Sad to say, we did not able to taste the fruits from the trees that my mother planted because we moved to the city and father sold our property.

Because of the benefits that our body can get from eating fruits, I have to love eating fruits now.  It is mainly for health purposes and for the healthy lifestyle.  Fruits today are a bit expensive but worth it to buy because of the benefits that we can get from eating it.  It is healthier than buying fatty foods.  From now on I have to love eating fruits and make it a habit to eat fruits right after every meal time.  You too can make it a habit to have a healthy living lifestyle. Let’s all be healthy, eat lots of fruits now!

My love for kids

My passion to be with kids started when I was young.  I love to play the role of a mother every time my friend and I are playing.  I like to take care of them, get them dressed and fed them even it is just an imaginary one.  It was because of my mother’s teachings.  I remember my mother loves to dress my sister and I like a doll.  And also she loves to sew us a dress.  Those scenes made a mark in my mind and always think that one day I can do that to my own kids.  An out of nowhere dreams for a six years old kid right?  But that was how I think back then.

Those memories are still intact in my mind up to now that I am a bit older.  At present I am taking good care four kids.  My brother’s and sister’s kid.  They are messy and hard headed but I have the patience because kids are like that.  The thing that would make me angry is when they are fighting.  I really do not like seeing them fighting.  Yes, they are child and that is normal but I do not like them to fight.  As much as possible I want them to love one another because they are siblings.  My sister’s son is just nine months old and not making a mess yet.  These four kids make me so busy each day, but I love to be with them because they make me smile.  They are funny at times and that what I like about them.  Seeing them growing each day and their developments each day is a treasure.

The nephew’s first day at school

June 02, 2014 is the first day of school in the country. Students wake up early for school. Today is also the day of the nephew’s first day at school. He is enrolled in kindergarten. It takes time to wake him up early, bring him to the bathroom, eat breakfast and getting him ready for school. He is half asleep while his mother is busy preparing him and the things he needs. He used to wake up very late, so waking him up early is difficult. Seeing him moving half asleep is fun though. His mother sends him to school on his first day and his father fetches him up.

According to his father, his first day isn’t bad because he has friend already. Well, I can say that the nephew is a friendly kid. He likes to play and talks a lot. I hope he won’t be playing and talking while the teacher is making a lesson. I wish the nephew a very good luck at school. I hope that he will do good and be a good student. Starting next week, I will be the one fetching him at school since his parents are both working. I will be fetching two kids in different school. Arghs! Good luck to me.

The nephew is getting better

After our overnight stay at one of the resort, the nephew got sick. He has very high fever and not feeling so well. We are glad he was sick when we arrived home. We just thought it is because of the weather because it was very hot when we are heading to the resort and heavy rain pour down when we reached the resort. The nephew is taking medicine already but the fever did not subside. Because it was Sunday afternoon, we decided to bring the nephew the following day to his pediatrician if he still as fever.

We are so worried especially my sister (the mother) because her son doesn’t drink his milk nor eat foods. He looks very sick I must say. The following day, the fever is gone. We are glad but another problem occurs. The nephew’s tummy is bloated. This is the reason he doesn’t like to drink milk nor eat foods. The sister bought medicine for bloated tummy and at the same time using herbal medicines. The nephew now is getting better. His appetite came back and the fever is gone. We did not go to the doctor anymore because the medicine that we bought plus the herbal medicine helps the nephew’s conditions getting better. Thank you Lord.