Thank you 2015

Before I say hello and welcoming 2016, I would like to say thank you to 2015.  The year 2015 has been very good to me and to my family.  The family receives lots of blessings from God.  We encounter several problems, trials, and difficulties but we are able to overcome it.  These things make the family stronger and hold tighter to continue living.  There are instances that we want to give up and back out but through prayers we still standing and face it with full strength that comes from God.  Also, 2015 makes the family closer together for we spend more time together, I mean quality time.

The year 2015 is not that good for my blogging career but still it is fruitful.  My blogs are able to survive the year.  There are times that I want to quit and give up some of my blogs because of the lack of writing jobs.  However, unexpected writing jobs from direct advertisers come that helps me decide not to quit.  Indeed, some things happen on an unexpected day and time.  My blogs survives another year and will welcome new year.  I am praying for prosperous blogging life this 2016.  I promise to not be lazy this 2016, to get more blogging opportunity.  God bless my blogging life. AMEN!

Thanks for the gifts

Oh yes, I am one spoiled little sister especially on Christmas.  My two older brothers will give me presents, my sister-in-law and my older sister.  I am expecting to receive presents from them though every year but of what it is surprises me.  My siblings give me something I did not expect from them.  The effort they put just to give me present/s makes me feel special.  And makes me think of how close they know me because they give me things that I really like.  I appreciate how thoughtful my siblings are.  I am a spoiled sister indeed!

Early this month, my older sister already gave me presents.  I so like it and so happy receiving the early Christmas gift from my sister.  Last night, I received a watch from my older brother.  I am the happiest person in the world.  I am not expecting that the brother will give me a watch because he already gives me money to for me to buy anything I want.  Also gives me money so I can watch the favorite that will be shown this Christmas.  To my older brother and sister, thanks for all the gifts you have been given me.  My other older brother hasn’t give me anything yet, another surprise is yet to come.  Thanks to all of you.  God bless and love you!

Practicing for the Christmas Festival

Aside from their Christmas party, the nephew is very busy practicing for their Christmas Festival at school.  Their Christmas Festival would be next week and the nephew is on his first stage of memorizing the songs they are going to sing as well as the dance steps.  I do wanted to help but I am not familiar with the songs.  It is a Christian song, but haven’t heard of it.  My bad.  I told the sister to research and save the video so we can practice at home.  But the sister is too busy too preparing for her Christmas party at school.

Yesterday was their first practice on the stage.  And the nephew is just standing there and busy looking at his classmates action and he will follow.  Poor nephew I must say.  In all fairness to my nephew he is eager to learn.  I am glad that he can easily cope up with the actions.  Good job nephew.  I will try to search the songs online, and will help the nephew memorizing the songs.  We still have four days left to practice.  I am not pressuring the nephew though, I just want him to memorize a little.  Good luck to me nephew and I hope you will enjoy your first every Christmas Festival.

Our Christmas Tree is Up

If I were to decide, I would not want to put up the Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree last year fell so many times because of the kids.  They are not contented by just looking at it.  They wanted to touch it and grab the Christmas balls.  I have to be alert always to keep the safety of the tree.  Funny is that the kids are watching me, and if I am not looking they will touch and grab it again.  Kids are kids, the more you tell them not to touch it, the more they’ll get curious.  If the tree could talk, it will probably say enough. LOL

But because the kids are bugging me almost everyday, I decided to put up the Christmas tree yesterday.  They are get jealous of the decorations, the Christmas tree and lights at the neighbors house.  It took me three hours to make it done because the nephews (ages 2 and 4) are also too busy playing with the Christmas balls and asking me lots of whys.  They keep me busy putting the Christmas tree and answering their out of nowhere questions.haha!  These two gremlins always makes my day exciting and colorful.  But I do love their curiosity always.  Don’t grow up so fast kiddos.