Be look and feel young

As we aged there are lots of worries in our minds, the worries because of the visible wrinkles, irritable, forgetful and other visible signs that others may notice in our appearance. I can attest to that because at my age I have some worries. Though some people say that I am still young, but I can see and tell that I am getting older and some signs are showing. Arghs! I must say I am worry too much of being single at my age. People around makes me feel pressured and worry more. If only I can be invisible to them so I do not have to face them and answer the same question over and over.

Thinking about growing old and be look young and feel young is more important than worrying too much about my age and people around me. I do not have to apply beauty regiments to look young because I can do it without using it. To be looking young and feel young always, I have to start with having right attitude, healthy lifestyle and right choices in life. Wearing right clothes compliment to my/your age will make you look young and feel young as well. It is also important to simplify our life, choosing the right company, and having peace from the Lord. Lastly, let us not forget that beauty comes from within. Knowing that, be look and feel young is easy, no pressure and need not to worry with age.

The best guide for you

Sometimes when we are playing our favorite music instruments, we do like to make some effects, mixing a little bit with the rhythm, and trying to be creative with the sound when recording. It makes us happy hearing different effects with the song/music we are recording. Doing these mixing with the sounds and the effects is not easy it is like experimenting something. But when we do it correctly, it is a joy in our hearts. However, with the help of the amp basics mixing with the sounds and adding some effects is so easy. It is the best guide for you to make/create or record awesome sounds from your guitar to your computer or to other music instrument or gadgets.

I got new friends at my nephew’s school

Well, I have been mentioning in my previous posts that I am the one fetching and picking up the three year old nephew at school. He doesn’t want the nanny to go with him at school. He is a picky kid just like his mother. Although it is tiring outside waiting for their dismissal, I am glad because I meet new friends there. My new friends are the mothers of my nephew’s classmates. Yes, they are all married! My new friends are married and they are younger than me, how is that? Lol And I like it because I learn new things from married life. I am not sure if I am able to apply it in my own life/family though.

I am happy that I got new friends in our village. I do not have many friends in our neighbour because I seldom go out. I like to stay at home and facing my computer. Most of my friends are online and I like to have more friends’ offline that I can go to when I need some comfort and someone to talk to in person. I do hope that this friendship will last longer and even though we will not be seeing each other often when the school year ends, we still have communication and will find some time to hangout. Though it would be difficult for them since they are married. Anyways, to my new friends, I am happy to meet you all.

The brand that has everything for you

When buying products, the first that we have to look for is the name of the brand. It does help if the brand is well known because it is surely of good quality for it is for sure will last longer. Just like if we are to buy music instrument like drums set. As much as possible we like to buy in one brand only so if it needs replacement or needs to buy a certain parts that is broken we already know where to go. It would be best to buy a brand that has wide selections just like what vater has. It has wide selections of drumstick, percussion mallets, and other accessories to complete your drum set. There is nothing more you could ask for because they have everything for you. All you have to do it so collect and select.