Stepped on the thumbtacks

Yesterday someone is knocking at the gate. I was cooking lunch then. I went outside to see who is knocking when I stepped on something on the floor. When I checked it, it was thumbtacks. Arghs! I hurriedly pull it out and squeeze the affected part my foot sole to let the blood out. The pain is bearable so I do not mind it at all. Few hours later, I feel that my foot is aching. I cannot walk straight because feels like it is swelling. I guess it is normal since it has wound. Still I am worried for infection because of the rusting thumbtacks.

When the sister went to our house, she noticed that I don’t walk normally. I told her of what happened and told me to take medicines for possible infection. I took medicine before going to bed. This morning my foot is still aching but bearable now. I can’t walk normally still but I am hoping it will get better soon and I am continuing taking medicines. Swelling foot because of stepping on the thumbtacks is painful but I am thankful that it was me who stepped on the thumbtacks and not the kids who are playing and running in the house.

Missing my college diploma

The diploma is the best ever reward after years of studying in college and finishing a course. It is the proof of my effort, time, hardships, and struggle to finish the course and get a good job. It was one of the happiest days of my life when I finally got my college diploma. I showed it to my father and I can see in his face that he is happy. His sacrifices to send me to school and finished college have been paid off when I graduated. I get can a better job with my diploma and the course I finished.

Speaking of my college diploma, I missed my diploma so much. I haven’t seen it for three years now. I sent to my sister’s friend to frame it. He was the one who did frame the sister’s college diploma. It has been three years not but my diploma hasn’t delivered yet. I am so worried if my diploma is still there or not. We have tried to contact him and sent message through his phone, but we haven’t receive any response. We want to go to their house, but we are not sure is they are still there since they only rented the house they live in. I hope that he will contact soon and safely deliver my diploma.

Gets perfect score in their weekly tests

The three years old nephew is doing great in his class. He was enrolled in pre-school near our village. His parents especially his mother is having difficulties in teaching him because he is a bit stubborn. He doesn’t want to be force to write and study his lesson. He even doesn’t want to hold his pencil longer. He prefers to play in the tablet. That is why his mother installed an educational game in the tablet, the games where he learns the alphabet, writing letters and numbers too. In does help a lot, however, the problem is that he is too lazy to do it on paper using pencil.

Anyhow, even if the nephew is a bit lazy and stubborn when it comes to writing, we know that he will do well at school because he learns fast and his memory is good. Yesterday was there weekly test. We reviewed their lessons very well so he can answer the questionnaire. I am really happy because the nephews got a perfect score. He is one of the students, who dismissed early because he got perfect score. I am so proud of our little lazy and stubborn pre-schooler. This is a good sign. Long way to go nephew, keep up the good work!

It is better to read reviews

If we are to buy a certain product like gadgets, appliances, equipment, music instruments and the likes, we have to be aware and wiser of what particular brand that has good quality, affordable prices and features. We have to make sure it will last longer and in good condition before buying. Since we do not have any idea about the certain products, it is better to read reviews for us to have at least an idea about the brand. The reviews are from the person who has tried the products and they are speaking from their experiences. We might read positives reviews and negatives reviews; it is up to us if we risk trying the product to see for ourselves how good or bad the product/s is.