Fruitful Holidays

Doing some changes at home is what I love to do when I am bored and feel lonely.  This is how I keep myself busy to cope up with the boredom and loneliness.   Lately, I thought of giving our house a new look.  I have thought about it for days because I can’t think of look that will make the house spacious.  I felt the house is so crowded even if we do not have lots of stuffs at home.  The kids keeps my mind fully occupied that is why I am stuck.  I need to do general cleaning at home but can’t because of the kids.  I so wish to have at least two days of peace at home so I can pursue the changes that I want to do at home.

Because of the city’s anniversary, there is two (2) days non-working holidays.  It is an answered prayers because I can start the changes at home.  I started cleaning the closet, throw unwanted stuffs, and giving away the things that we no longer use like old clothes.  It was a fruitful holidays for me because I accomplished something at home.  It is not enough though, but at least I have started.  This weekend I plan to continue the general cleaning and this coming holy week.  Hopefully I will be able to give the house new look.  What look?  I do not know yet, I have to clean first and think of the rest after the general cleaning.  I have to take a good rest for a bit now.  Good luck to me.

Excited on their big day

It was an answered prayer when the older brother finally found the girl of his dreams.  He never gives up despite the many heartaches he experience in the past.  Four painful relationship is not easy, but my brother is so strong to never give up to love again.  He never stop searching, loving and praying that one day God will give him the girl he deserves.  True enough, God gave him the girl for him.  The four hurtful experiences was paid off.  Seeing my brother so happy makes me so happy too.  I pray that their relationship will grow stronger and they will love each other forever.

Yesterday, they paid a visit.  My father is so happy of their good news.  The brother and his girlfriend is planning to settle down this year.  It is a good news indeed and I am so excited.  They told us some details of their wedding plan.  The wedding will be at the province of the brother’s fiancee.  It will be a long travel for us, but worth it because it is the brother’s future is at stake.haha!  We like to travel too, so it would be fun.  The day of the wedding is not fix yet, but definitely it will be this year.  I would like to congratulate them in advance.  Best wishes to both of you and I pray that God will blessed you with lots of kids and happy life.  Congratulations in advance again!

Little thing for myself

When I started blogging, it is become a habit for me to buy something for myself every month.  It is my way of pampering myself for working so hard.  I do not mind if it is cheaper as long as I have an investment after receiving my monthly earning.  However, when my blogging earning is very slow I stopped this habit because I opted to save the money I earned so that when rainy days comes, I have something in my wallet.  My priority is to save money for my internet bill every month.  I missed buying something for myself though but I have to refrain myself from doing it.

It is really true that promises are made to be broken, because I broke my promise not to buy things that is not important.  I broke my promised to save than to spend.  Well, I just thought of giving myself a little pampering.  It has been a while since the last time I did it.  Anyways, I bought myself a bracelet.  It is not so expensive though but it feels so good to buy something from the money I earned.  And I deserved to pamper myself sometimes.  Forgive me for violating my promise.  I will try my hardest to stop myself from doing it again for the time being.  When blogging career picks up, I can have this habit back.

Hopefully he will passed

The nephew is done taking the two sets of examination for Kinder 2 in the school where his mom wants him to study.  The nephew can now breath and relax after the thorough study in reading, writing, and in math subject.  It was like a nightmare for him because he is not allowed to go out and play, no television for the mean time for him to focus and concentrate.  I felt sorry for the nephew but this is for his own good, once he passed and will be able to get in, no more pressure like this.  In all fairness, the nephew understands the reason why his mom has to do it.

I was the one accompanying the nephew to his last day of examination last week.  Honestly, I was so nervous and negative thoughts came in my mind.  But when I saw the nephew coming out from the examination room smiling, I feel relieved.  I guess the nephew is doing well.  The teacher gave us the results of his examination and it is good.  The final listings of the students who passed will be posted in the bulletin board this April.  I am hoping and praying that the nephew passed the examination.  All the effort and sacrifices will be paid off if the nephew passed.  Only God really knows.  Please God help my nephew. Amen!