Your achievement is her achievement too

One of the greatest dream of all parents are to see their kid/s finished college and be successful in their field.  It is the best reward that we could give to our parents.  This is one of the dreams that my late cousin wants for her children.  Unfortunately, she did not able to see her children finishing college because she passed away at early age.  But, I am very sure that wherever she is now I am sure that she is very proud of her children for they strive hard to finished college and make their parents proud of them.

Just recently, one of her children passed the Electrical Engineer board examination.  He did not just passed it, he is one of the top 10, top 8 to be exact.  I really can’t believe that he will go this far knowing that both his parents died.  The death of his parents made him to do better, dream big, aim high, and achieve his goals.  Lots of opportunities are coming and more to come.  I am so proud of him (my cousin’s son, my nephew) for his achievement.  I am sure that his parents are very proud of him and happy for him especially his mother.  His achievement is her achievement too.

Showing off his talent

Yesterday, we have a little feast at home.  My older brother invited some of his friends and co-workers.  Last night was full of laughter and fun because one visitor who brought guitar entertained us all.  He is showing off his talent to us.  His gibson kalamazoo looks very nice.  The shape, sounds comes out and the design is perfect.  I wish I know how to play guitar so I could try his awesome guitar.

Top 9 in first grading

Last Friday was the awarding of honors for first grading.  I was not expecting my nephew to be part of the top 10 but hoping he will.  My hope was answered when he  called as top 9.  Oh yeah, I am so proud of my nephew.  Although he is too lazy to study his lessons he is able to show up his skills and intelligence.  He is able to compete to his classmates that are came from private school.  Even though he is just studying in a project hope during his nursery time, he is able to cope up with the lessons.

Their report card also released and saw the promising grades of my nephew.  We will double time in studying and practicing him to write his complete name.  But will see to it that he is enjoying every time we study so he won’t get bored.  It is a long way to go for my nephew and I hope he will enjoy the student life.  Hopefully he will improve better in preparation for the entrance examination in the school where his mother wants him to study.  Keep fight nephew.  Study hard and soar high.  Get the top five place, you still have three gradings left.  Again, congratulations!

His 32nd Birthday

 photo GEDC0696_zps1b8kouhq.jpgTomorrow is the 32nd birthday of the youngest siblings in the family.  His wife wanted to surprise him on his special day.  She coordinated with me about her plans.  It was so sweet of her to think of a surprise birthday celebration of her husband.  They live far from us and it is impossible for us to go there and celebrate with him because it is very costly.  However, his beloved wife gave us money so we go and surprise him.  Last Sunday was the celebration because we can’t go on working days.  We are glad to see him so happy.  We missed him very much.

Anyways, on his 32nd birthday I wish him all the best in life, good health, happy life, success on his business. more blessings from above and long life.  We may that there with him when he has problems because he lives very far from us, I wanted him to know that he can always count on us.  He can visit us anytime and we will always there for him.  I am glad that my brother is so strong to overcome the trials and difficulties that comes his way.  We also pray that whatever decision he makes, we will always support and pray for him.  Happy birthday brother and God bless you always!