Always Bring Identification Card

My brothers, cousin, SIL and nephew are now traveling on vessel on their way to the province of our grandparents.  They were so excited because they will be able to meet our relatives who lives there and relatives from other parts of the country because of important matters.  Yes, my brothers and cousin are traveling because they have business to do  on the land of our grandparents that is for sale.  Since my mother is dead, my older brother is representing her.  The younger brother is joining because he wanted his wife and son to have a bit bonding too and for them to meet other relatives.

Their travel encountered problem because the brother did not bring his Identification card.  The ticketing outlet is only give tickets to those who have ID’s for safety reason.  The younger brother giving up and just decided to go back, but the older brother finds a way to produced an ID card.  Now they are boarding on the vessel on their way to Bohol.  The younger brother learned a lesson of what happened.  It is really important to always bring your ID card wherever you go for you might need it in an unexpected moment.

Anyways, thanks God all went well.  I hope that they will have safe travel and will arrive safely.  And come back home safe.  God bless!

Thanks for another year of life

The youngest sibling in the family turns 33 last September 2.  Unfortunately, we were not able to go because kids have classes not like last year.  This is the advantage of living very far from us.  Because we can’t be with him on his birthday, we just greeted him on Facebook, made a call and send text messages.  I am happy seeing the photos shared by my brother’s wife on Facebook.  I must say that his birthday was a memorable one even without us.  The brother spent his birthday with his in-laws and that is enough to be happy and thankful knowing there is someone they’re celebrating with him.  Making him feel special and loved.  Big thank you to my SIL for making her husband’s (my brother) birthday extra special.

This weekend my brother will be visiting us to have his post birthday celebration with us.  We are so excited because the family will surely complete and it would be a wonderful bonding and celebration.  Anyways, before I forgot I want to extend my birthday greeting for my brother.  I wish him good health, happy life, long life and more blessings to come.  I thank God for another year of my brother’s life.  Lastly, I pray that God will continue to bless him and his family always.  Guide them and keep them safe always.  Again, happy birthday brother.  May you have more birthdays to come. *hugs and kisses*

His beloved guitar

He was the happiest man on earth when he finally bought his electric guitar.  He has been wanting to have one since high school but only pushed through when he got a job.  However, due to his busy schedule at work, he seldom play with it.  One Sunday morning, the brother thought of checking his favorite instrument that is hanging on the corner.  He found out that the gold guitar knobs are fading and falling.  Well, it has been years since he bought his guitar.  It is time to buy replacement to make his guitar as good as new.

Surprise visit is fun

I always want to visit my younger brother and his family at their place once.  They live far from us after they got married.  It will take us more than two hours to reach their place.  Even though we are talking almost everyday still we missed him especially my nephew.  The brother is our youngest and he is special to us because he was young when our mother passed away.  I must say, he is still our baby that is why we missed him and want to spend more time with him.  I missed those times when he is still single.  We used to do lots of bonding like playing guitar, doing sing-a-long at home, playing cards and many more.

Last weekend, out of the blue the sister and I decided to visit our younger brother.  We did not inform him because we wanted to surprise him.  We wanted to see his reaction when he see us.  True enough, he is surprised.  When the niece of him wife told him that we are still, he did not believe her.  I have to go to their room and wake him up myself.haha!  And the first words he utter was, what are we doing there.  It is fun seeing his shocking face.  It is good to see him and have time to talk to him.  Hope we can visit him more often and him visit us as well.  Thanks brother and SIL for accommodating us.  You guys are sweetest.  God bless you more!  Till our next visit.*wink*