Happy 4th wedding anniversary

For years ago, my brother and his wife tied the knot.  It was one memorable moment for them because his wife was also pregnant when they got married.  They are so blessed I must say.  Just like other married couple, they have encountered trials too.  They were separated for months after a year of being married.  My brother was so frustrated that time.  He went back to us with their son because her wife left the house one day.  However, their love for each other prevails and they were reunited again.  Forgiveness has been given and decided to move on, forget the past and focus on the present and the future.

Now, they are on their 4th wedding anniversary.  The scars from the past is healing and they are now living happily together with their son.  I can see that they live peacefully.  God and the love for each other is the center of their life and family now.  We seldom see each other though because they live far from us, but the communication is still there.  They sometimes visited us having our quick and simple family bonding.

Anyways, on their 4th wedding anniversary I wish them happy life and more blessings to come.  I hope that they will continue love each other and always put God always in their house.   God bless always and happy wedding anniversary to both of you Bong and Mary.

Another year of wonderful journey

Just this week, I celebrated my birthday.  I am so happy that God give me another year of wonderful journey of life.  There is nothing more I can ask for because I am truly blessed with the love of my family, friends, and good health.  The celebration was simple.  I just prepared the favorite foods that my family likes.  Unfortunately my two brothers did not able to come to celebrate with me for some reason.  I do understand it.  Still happy because they did not forget to greet me on my special day.  It means they remember my special day and it shows that they love and care for me.

Also, I would like to say thank you to God for the gift of life.  Big thanks for another year of my life.  My years is a wonderful journey though sometimes I encountered trials and difficulties, but I am able to overcome it with the help and support of my family, also for the strength that God has given me and my faith in Him.  I wish to have many more birthdays to come, good health and complete family.  Thank you God for this life.  I also want to say thank you to my family for always been there for me.  Thank you for the love and care.  I love you all!

Celebrating her special day with us

It was one of the happiest days in my brother’s life when he finally introduced to us the girl he wants to marry.  We were surprised because we did not know he has new girlfriend after the hurtful experience from his fast girlfriends.  We were sad back then when his girlfriend dumped him.  I saw him very down and sad.  And we did our best to cheer him up.  Everyday we tell him that life is still beautiful no matter how difficult the trials are.  We are glad that after months of being lonely, the brother finally found the girl who loves him and treasure him.

Last December 6, 2016 they came visited us.  They said that they have an important appointment to finish.  We did not know that it was the birthday of my brother’s girlfriend/soon to be wife early next year and my future SIL.  They spend one day and one night to celebrate her birthday with us.  It was another important event in the family that we will treasure forever.  We had a simple celebration at home.  We cook our favorites, bought cake to complete the celebration and invited some close friends.  It was indeed a very memorable event, and we are overwhelmed that she chooses to celebrate her special day with us.  Happy Birthday again Ann and wish you good health and happiness in life with my brother.

The kids are having fun

Okay, we are on vacation at the province of m parents.  The tiring travel was so worth it because we arrived safely and the kids (my nephews) are having fun meeting their cousins and meeting new friends here.  It is not their first time to travel here but it is their first time meeting them.  They played a lot and do bonding a lot.  The are having fun I must say.  In fact the 5 years old nephew does not want to go back home anymore. LOL!  They already went to the white sand beach here and the do want want to get out of the water too.  Funny thing is that the 5 years old nephew says, the beach is like a swimming pool.  Maybe because it is white sand and the color of the water is blue.

Their summer is spending really well.  We have four more days left here in the province.  We plan to go to the beach more after our agenda of going here is settled.  I haven’t been to the beach yet.  We visited some of our relatives already and it is really nice seeing them again after four years.  We are having fun here and I am well rested I must say but honestly I missed my sister, my nieces, and my 3 years old charming nephew.  Four more days and we are home again.  May God bless our trip back home.