She sure is the sweetest

Every Friday is my schedule of doing my laundry.  But because I am not feeling well I did not able to do my laundry.  It makes me sad seeing my loads of laundry but I am so weak to do it.  I decided to my laundry this week.  Yesterday when the niece is doing her laundry, I asked her if she could include my jeans to lighten up my laundry.  I was not expecting her to say yes because I have asked her before already but she said no.  I am just testing her yesterday.  And I am surprised that she said yes.  And told me that she will do all my laundry.

I am the happiest aunt I must say because of my niece gesture.  She sure is the sweetest, though most of the time she is stubborn.haha!  I can say that she is becoming more responsible now and I can count on her.  I rest well yesterday, also stress free because my laundry is done.  Big thanks to my niece for helping me doing my laundry.  I hope that she will become more responsible daughter, niece, big sister to her siblings so that her parents will be so happy that we raised a good child.  Keep up the good works niece, you’re making me so proud of you.  Be good and hope stubbornness will be gone for good.

Give me a break

I just got home yesterday morning from long travel all the way from Bohol to Davao (Philippines).  I wanted to take some rest and more time to sleep after hours of travel.  However, I was not able to take a good rest because I have to attend two kids of my siblings.  I have to keep myself awake while the kids are awake and I am so tired.  Good thing it is weekend and I can have rest because someone will look after the kids.

I woke up early today because I have lots of laundry to do.  I need to start early to finish early because I have an appointment to go to the mall to meet a friend.  But sad to say I might not able to go out today because no one will look for the kids.  That someone that supposed to look after the kids has her appointment and gone early.

I was doing my laundry while the kids are playing.  They are fine at first but after a few minutes of playing they are fighting.arghs!  Gosh, give me a break! How can I finish early if I am going here and there from time to time?  How I wish my brother and father will help me in looking after the kids while I am doing the laundry.  Good luck to me and I hope I finish on time.

Can I Help?

I was happy because I do not have any appointment to do outside the house.  I can now does my loads of laundry.  I have many dirty clothes from my short travel a week ago.  I did not able to attend my laundry because I have busy schedule lasts week.  I am glad I am finished the things that I need to settle immediately.  Time for me to relax, stay at home and do my stuffs online.  I sleep early last night because I have to start my laundry early to finish early also.

My nephew was still sleeping when I am busy doing my laundry.  I am in the middle of my laundry when he woke up.  Gosh!  The gremlin is awake and I am pretty this little boy will bug me.  He came near me, looking at me and utter ” Can I Help?’ As if he knows what I am  Even if I said no, still he wants to help.  Well, not really helping.  He is just playing with the clothes.  He steps into the basin and wash himself…grrrrr  I was not able to finish my laundry early because of my little nephew.  Yes, he did help me in messing with the clothes, playing with water, soap, and wash himself together with the clothes.  I just let him enjoying himself because he is just a child.