Three days vacation in the province

One thing that I so missed to do lately is to travel.  It is my way of unwinding and enjoying my life while still single.  Gone are the days when I used to travel in some areas of the country (Philippines).  But I am hoping to go travel soon if given a chance.  It was an answered prayer I must say because two weeks ago, I was invited by my sister to go with them in the province of her in-laws.  I am so happy because I need to go somewhere outside the busy city to unwind and feel the beauty of nature.  And the province that we are going is a nice place.  I could relax more and have my time.  I need some time to be by myself and worrying nothing but myself only.

The three days short vacation was fun even if it is raining.  I can say fun because I like listening to the sound of the rain, it is so relaxing to me.  And because the province is celebrating the annual fiesta, there are activities in the park, church, street and covered court.  Though I was not able to see all the activities because of the bad weather, I am still happy because I get to experience the fiesta celebration in their province and of course the sumptuous foods.  It was a nice experience after all.  I am relaxed and unwind and ready to go back to the busy city.  Thank God for the opportunity.

Will start his tutorial soon

The entrance examination for kinder 2 at the school where the sisters firstborn is studying is this January.  My sister is planning to enroll her second son to the same school because the school has a good reputation.  It has the high standard of teaching.  If you want to enroll your child in this school, the child should be passed the entrance examination.  There are many examiners every year and they only get 120 children who passed the examination.  The sister wanted her second son to be in this school that is why she enrolled him at the learning where there are few students.

So far, the nephew shows improvements but not enough.  He can write his name already but not fast, and he needs to know how to read basic words.  For the nephew to have the high percentage of passing the entrance examination, we decided to enroll the nephew in tutorial class.  The nephew is now enrolled and will start his tutorial class next week.  We already told the teacher our concern so she will know where to focus on teaching the nephew.  Hopefully, this will be helpful for the nephew to pass the entrance examination.   I wish the nephew the best of luck!

Painful experience of the sister but still thankful

The sister is surprised when she found out that she is pregnant.  She is not expecting it to get pregnant because her youngest is just 11 months old.  It took two days to sink in her mind that she is expecting her fourth child.  The child is a blessing and she is thankful to God for another this but the sister is worried because she is not ready physically, mentally and financially.  Plus, her age is too risky to have another c-section operation.  I felt sad for my sister but at the same time happy and excited for another angel will be added to the family soon and will add happiness to us.

The sister confined in the hospital due to severe bleeding.  We are worried and praying that she is fine as well as the baby.  Unfortunately, because of miscarriage, the baby is gone.  The baby is just 5 weeks and 2 days.  It was a very sad and painful experience to my sister and the family.  The sister is crying because she lost her baby, and blaming herself.  I do not want her to feel guilty so I have comforted her and telling her that the baby is not meant for them.  God plan is better than our plan.  God hears her worries that another pregnancy is too risky for her.  Even if it is too painful to her, the sister accepted what happened and still thankful to God for it.  What had happened is very painful to her but thankful to God.  God loves her that much no matter how sad and painful it is.

She is living her dream

Back when I was in college, our group feasibility study and the business plan we presented is a bakery business.  To us, it is the perfect business to put up to business we Filipinos loves to eat bread.  It is one of the profitable and good business to put up.  It was our goal in finishing the business related course we took, to have our own business in the future.  It is not easy because it needs a huge capital to start the business, but who knows it will come true in the near future.  We are crossing our fingers though.

When I graduated, my friends proceed to master’s course, and some landed into office works in a company.  Our communication continues and we are still talking about the business plan back in college.  For me, it will take some time in pursuing it for financial reasons.  Just recently, a friend of mine who is the leader of our group in college put up her own business and it is a bakery business.  She has just started it and doing well.  I am so happy for her because she is living her dream and pursuing our business plan.  I envy her because she is living her dream but so happy for her.  I hope that I can do that too.  How?  I do not know yet for I do not have the capital needed.  Hopefully one day with God’s will.