Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, Catholic believers has black crosses on their forehead using the black ashes.  Black ashes comes from the palms used in the previous Palm Sunday and mixed with holy water and oil.  Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent Season.  The 40 days of repentance, reconciliation and purification of the heart.  The season of Lent is the best season to reconcile with our enemy, clear the misunderstanding, and ask for forgiveness.  Also the fasting season.  Eat light and no meat especially on Wednesday and Friday.  This fasting is a personal endeavor between God and man (the person who is fasting).

Anyways, I went to church yesterday with my brother and sister.  We always attend the church activity during Lent Season.  And yes, we have black cross on our forehead.  Hearing the preach yesterday opens my mind to repent, reconcile,  forgive and forget.  Let us swallow our pride.  It is not how much others has hurt us, but it is the matter of bringing back the good relationship.  It isn’t really easy I must say.  And I hope this time I have lots of courage to reconcile with my cousins.  It has been six years since we have our misunderstanding.  My pride took this misunderstanding this long.  Lord God give me the strength.  Also, touch my cousin’s heart. Amen!

Thank God it’s Friday

Everyday I never forget to thank God for the gift of life.  I thank God for giving me strength to be able to do my duties at home.  Lately, I felt really tired maybe because I am not getting any younger.  The kids are growing and very much busy making a mess that makes me so tired.  Again, I am not complaining.  This is just my way of releasing stress.  Since I do not share these things to my sister.  Writing is my outlet to make me feel at ease.  It is very helpful that through writing I am able to release what I felt inside.  It does help me a lot.

Anyways, I am really thankful today that it is Friday.  I have waited for this week to end so I can relax and rest.  I do not have to watch the kids because their mother do not have work on weekend.  I am done with my laundry the other day, so tomorrow I have all the time to rest.  I will wake up late like I used to do before.  The house would be at peace in the morning tomorrow.  Thank you God it’s Friday and thank you for the blessed weekend.

My Family’s weird dreams

Today is Sunday.  As usual I am starting my day by going to church.  I was heading to the bathroom when my father called me and told me about his dream last night.  My father’s dream made me smile because his dream is me getting married.  Funny isn’t it?  He seldom shares his dreams but today he is sharing it to me because he dreamed of me getting married to a very small man.  He said, in his dreams he said ‘why’.  Why I am marrying a dwarf like guy.  My father also wondering why he has that dreams.  It even more funnier because the other day my older sister saw me in her dream getting married too.  The weird thing is that she can’t see clearly the face of the guy.  The face is so blurry to be exact.  And when the guy came closer to her, she woke up.

The weird dreams of my father and sister happens just this week (today and the other day).  Made me wondering what are they thinking before going to bed to have this kind of dreams.  Maybe they thought of me getting married because all of my siblings are married and I am still single.  Well, dreams do happens in real and I wish that their dreams of me getting married will happen this year, but please God not to a short guy, at least 1 inch taller than me.haha!  And not blurry face. *wink

I want to believe that their dreams has meanings and I want to know.  Is their anyone here knows how to interpret their dreams?  *smiles*

Thank you for the gift

I celebrated my 37th birthday yesterday.  I started the day by going to church and offered a mass to give thanks for the gift of life.  I thank God for the 37th years of life.  Anyways, I do not have any plans aside from going to church.  I do not have budget to have a simple celebration.  I already told my family that I do not have money.  I wanted to celebrate my special day quietly.  I want to go to mall to unwind but my father gets angry so I opted to take rest and sleep because I need it much.

Anyways, my younger brother with his wife and son arrived to surprise me on my special day.  They bought foods and cake that make my day extra special.  I am so touched because I did not expect that my day would be a special day.  A day that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life.  I thank them for coming and the wonderful treat.  I appreciate it very much.  I know my thank you is not enough, but still I want to extend my warmest thanks for making my day memorable.  Also, I want to say thank you to my friend for the unexpected gift.  Thank you all for all the efforts and love it makes me feel I am special.  God bless you all.