Simple Family Gathering

Our first day of the year as very memorable to us because we started with simple family gathering.  We went to the house of my aunt and uncle to celebrate new year’s day with them together with our other relatives.  It was a blast because we shared our favorite foods, sing-a-long, laughed a lot and many others.  We haven’t done this for quiet awhile because we got busy and some other relatives has misunderstanding.  It is not good to conduct family gathering when other relatives is not in good terms (ahhmmm….I am one of them).  Well, one thing is for sure, I did not start it.haha!

I am glad that my father, aunts, and uncle decided to have a family gathering last January 1, 2017.  We did have a great family bonding.  It feels really good to see everybody smiling and no quarrels.  I must say that it is so wonderful to start the year with joy, love, and peace with your family and relatives and then to the community.  I am also relieved that the misunderstanding and issues I had with my cousin for six long years is now finally over.  We can move on with our life without no hurt feelings.  Thanks to my family, relatives, especially to God for this wonderful day.  Happy New Year everyone!

Perfect gift this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching.  People are very busy preparing everything like buying gifts for their love ones, family, friends, relatives and special someone.  Malls are crowded with shoppers.  They are like panicking because Christmas is really near.  If you haven’t decided of what present/gift that you are going to give to someone who is into music and loves musical instruments, check out musicians friend near you or online. They have wide choice of musical instruments to choose from. Surely the styles fits to that someone.

Celebrating her special day with us

It was one of the happiest days in my brother’s life when he finally introduced to us the girl he wants to marry.  We were surprised because we did not know he has new girlfriend after the hurtful experience from his fast girlfriends.  We were sad back then when his girlfriend dumped him.  I saw him very down and sad.  And we did our best to cheer him up.  Everyday we tell him that life is still beautiful no matter how difficult the trials are.  We are glad that after months of being lonely, the brother finally found the girl who loves him and treasure him.

Last December 6, 2016 they came visited us.  They said that they have an important appointment to finish.  We did not know that it was the birthday of my brother’s girlfriend/soon to be wife early next year and my future SIL.  They spend one day and one night to celebrate her birthday with us.  It was another important event in the family that we will treasure forever.  We had a simple celebration at home.  We cook our favorites, bought cake to complete the celebration and invited some close friends.  It was indeed a very memorable event, and we are overwhelmed that she chooses to celebrate her special day with us.  Happy Birthday again Ann and wish you good health and happiness in life with my brother.

Perfect place to go

Most of us when we go shopping or wants to buy something we preferably go to the store where everything is.  We do not want to hop from one store to another.  Aside from it is time-consuming it is very hassle especially if we are busy.  If you are into music and music instrument addict hallandale fl is the perfect place for you.  They have wide selection of musical gears, instruments and the like.  They also offer singing lessons and repairs.  The store will give you the service you deserved.  So, come and visit.